Fall Into Autumn in Ireland

Kylemore Abbey in Ireland

Crisp, warm air, golden leaves filling up trees, temperatures cooling down… autumn is definitely one of my favorites transitions of the year. Not only is it a beautiful season here in Ohio, but it’s even more amazing to experience in Northern Ireland. Northern Ireland Tourism Board (NITB) used this season as the main concept for their Autumn Campaign in 2013. Just like any other campaign, the concept for the campaign was based off results from market research carried out earlier that year. Spending vacation during autumn in Ireland sounds pretty fantastic, doesn’t it?

Let’s get into the campaign…

Concept: The Autumn 2013 Campaign was created to increase the number of visitors to Northern Ireland during the months of October, November and December. With a budget of $950,000, NITB delivered the campaign through television, radio, press, outdoor and other promotional activities in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.

Strategy: In order to reach each visitor segment, NITB focused their messaging on what motivates those travelers and what Northern Ireland experiences they will enjoy. The campaign was focused on highlighting hidden gems in Northern Ireland while encouraging visitors to think about discovering new things in Northern Ireland.



cinema (1)

During the season of autumn, 3.6 million cinema-goers saw advertisements on pop-up outdoor screens to encourage viewers to explore Northern Ireland.



In order to reach all segments of visitors, NITB created advertisements for The Daily Telegraph featuring different events in Ireland. The advertisements reached over 300 million people!



For the culturally curious visitors, email marketing was put to use to highlight the unique areas of Ireland. Could these pictures be any more beautiful? And yes, I’m looking up flights as we speak!


NITB reached their mature visitors by broadcasting two 10 second commercials showing couples enjoying their own adventures in Northern Ireland. Watch the commercials here:

Autumn Short Breaks for Two in Northern Ireland

In order to reach families, NITB created another round of 10 second segments promoting the Belfast Zoo, Titanic Belfast and family breaks in Northern Ireland. Watch the commercials here:

Autumn Family Fun in Belfast

According to Ireland’s Situation and Outlook Analysis Report (SOAR) of October 2014, Belfast and other regions in Ireland saw steady performance into Autumn and a longer season than previously recorded (p. 11). The extensive travel campaign produced by NITB was worth the extra effort and time because they reached their goal of increasing their visitors. Honestly, who wouldn’t want to visit Ireland after witnessing those amazing advertisements? I think I would be more concerned if people weren’t buying into this campaign!

On a more serious note, NITB did an impressive job with this campaign. This campaign is a great model of what public relations and advertising travel campaigns should encompass. NITB reached their target audiences by creating detailed and accurate strategies along with tactics that covered all areas of media.

For further information, visit these links:

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