Go Green in Ireland

The World Goes Green for Ireland

Concept: For the fifth year in a row, Tourism Ireland partnered with Ireland’s Embassy and other Embassies around the world to begin their tourism season with their Global Greening initiative. Over 120 iconic landmarks across the world lit up with green lights to give Ireland some simple publicity. By embarking on an international campaign, Tourism Ireland had the opportunity to reach 76.5 million people for a small cost.tourismireland

“The Greenings are emblematic of a relationship that we have built as Ireland with our Diaspora communities and, increasingly, with countries around the world that take part in the Global Greening out of a spirit of friendship, respect and partnership,” (Gilmore, 2014).

Strategy: Not only was the purpose of the campaign to encourage travelers to visit Ireland, but Tourism Ireland realized that there are still some cities that don’t know what it means to be Irish. Tourism Ireland used this opportunity to share with the world what Ireland has to offer.

Tactics: Tourism Ireland promoted its homeland by visiting tons of different countries, hosting worldwide events, company engagements, interviews in international media in the hopes of getting the cities to participate in The Global Greenings. The following slideshow shows the cities that took part in The Greenings:

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Over the course of a week, each location lit up green (how cool is that?!) and the results were astounding. Tourism Ireland ended up reaching a global audience of 80 million and tens of millions of people were live tweeting about the events on Twitter. Due to the modern communication technologies and Ireland’s strong relationships with other countries, The Global Greening Campaign was a strong success.

This specific campaign is a perfect model that represents what it takes to make a strong, distinct and valuable campaign. The Global Greening Campaign proves that relationships are extremely important when it comes to positive publicity and promising campaigns. The campaign has increased Ireland’s tourism rates and The Global Greening continues to be a yearly campaign for Ireland.

For more information regarding the campaign, click the following links:

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