Kiss Me I’m Irish!

Tourist Office on the College Green in Dublin, Ireland.

Concept: Tourism Ireland released a travel campaign featuring two short films in order to entice new visitors to visit the Emerald Isle during the season of Autumn. Since visitors tend to come to Ireland during other seasons, Tourism Ireland highlighted how great of a place Ireland is during autumn. According to the Manager at a Tourist Office on the College Green in Dublin, Ireland, Ireland is a popular destination for visitors during the months of July and August. Other than those months, the rest of the year has a significantly smaller amount of travelers.

Strategy: Hosted by YouTube, Tourism Ireland released two videos featuring #LoveDublin and #PictureBelfast. In the “Kiss Me I’m Irish” #LoveDublin video, eight different couples sharing a kiss in iconic Dublin locations. Here’s the kicker: Only HALF of the couples are real. The other half were strangers! By using the hashtag #LoveDublin, viewers were asked to vote on who they thought the real couples are on their Facebook pages. The first two locations feature in the video are Trinity College and Guiness Storehouse. According to the Manager at the Tourist Office, these are the most popular destinations for visitors.

In the #PictureBelfast video, the viewers had to guess whether a picture was taken by hand or altered with a filter by using the hashtag #PictureBelfast on their Facebook page. The viewers only had a couple seconds to review the pictures and post their votes.

Tactics: As mentioned, the two videos were released to YouTube and they were also promoted on Tourism Ireland’s social media accounts. Both of the videos have over 200,000 views! Below are the videos:

According to Knight (2015) of Amplifi @ Carat, the Kiss Me I’m Irish campaign was a success because it involved other agencies and stakeholders from the very start and Tourism Ireland ran a tight ship with clear and distinct deadlines. The videos made by Tourism Ireland involved fun and honest individuals and the quiz element provided a way to ensure viewers’ engagement. Tourism Ireland truly captured the Social Energizer audience in an engaging way by challenging them and testing their knowledge on each video. Through the use of all sorts of social media outlets and by providing educational, but fun information, Tourism Ireland continues to do a fantastic job of creating campaigns that captivate Millennials.

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