The London Story


Concept: Visit London and Partners presented a campaign titled “The London Story” in order to encourage international travelers to visit London. The campaign was released right after their post-Olympic campaign, London Now See If For Yourself.

Strategy: In order to give travelers an inside look into how great of a destination London is, London and Partners filmed over 40 short videos featuring London’s most passionate storytellers. London is full of exciting and welcoming people, so the short videos allowed Londoners to share their most favorite places in London while asking the viewers to come create their own London story.

With a simple tagline, like The London Story, the message for the campaign is simple and concise. I had the pleasure of interviewing Corinne Allie from Destination Cleveland and she said that messaging needs to be quick and understandable. “For us, we keep messaging quick, to the point and aim to provide some level of education, humor or entertainment value so their time spent viewing our material doesn’t leave them feeling like they wasted their time,” Allie stated.

Tactics: Visit London promoted the campaign on their social media accounts and their homepage in order to increase the number of viewers. Below are just a few of The London Story videos:

By creating these captivating and fun videos, The London Story campaign had over 250 million impressions and was awarded the most successful consumer campaign ever in 2014. After the campaign, London and Partners surveyed their priority markets in France, UK, US and Australia. Overall, 88% of the participants said that after watching the videos, they wanted to visit London and 42% said that the campaign improved their perception of London. To me, I would say that The London Story campaign was a tremendous success!

It’s important for travel agencies to reach their audiences in any way that they can. “You have to meet your audience where they are and truly understand the channels in order to put the correct messaging in front of them at the right time,” Allie stated. YouTube is a channel that meets these requirements and this was the primary outlet for The London Story campaign. I think using YouTube made The London Story campaign that much more successful because it’s an outlet that is easy for viewers to use and the videos provided by London and Partners were short and simple with clear messaging.

Especially when travel campaigns are targeting Millennials, it’s vital for the campaign to contain information that they care about. “Marketing to Millennials requires an authentic approach to communication,” Allie stated. “This audience typically doesn’t seem to be swayed by gimmicks or fancy advertising.” The London Story captivated this audience by advertising and promoting their homeland in a credible and accurate way. This is a wonderful example of a strong and promising campaign. Sometimes it doesn’t take all of the money, bells and whistles. London and Partners’ campaign was simple and sleek.

On the topic of Millennials, I wanted to interview a true Millennial and world traveler in order to gain more knowledge about this specific age group and European travel campaigns. Thank you, Anna!

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